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Retail gambling locations in Massachusetts

Gambling is booming across the United States, thanks to changes in legislation and technological advances. MA is no exception to this trend. In 2011, the state’s lawmakers brought a bill to grow Massachusetts’ gambling revenues from $300 million to $500 million.

Mass. is way behind its neighbors in terms of gambling. However, this state is catching up with them and has several exciting retail casinos today. Before we start, it’s important to know that Massachusetts allows sports betting within its borders.

Keep reading to know more about MA’s top retail casinos.

MGM Springfield Massachusetts

This retail casino is easily the best in MA. With thousands of games available on its premises, MGM Springfield Massachusetts, draws newbies and pros alike. However, this gambling destination is much more than a casino: it has a hotel restaurant and hotel.

MGM Springfield offers the BetMGM MA bonus code among the MA sportsbooks available.

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All patrons get complimentary beverages until 4 a.m. However, guests must be active gamblers to qualify for this service. As a gambler, you can play the following games:

  • Table games – Blackjack, roulette, big 6, craps and others.
  • Slots – MGM Springfield has many slot machines targeting newbies and professionals. Try classic games or video slot games depending on your taste and experience. If you are new to gambling, learn these games on assorted websites before wagering at MGM Springfield Massachusetts.

Having meals and drinks while gambling at MGM Springfield MA isn’t a bad idea. You can indulge in serious fun at one of these places in this casino.

Roasted Beans

You can sip your favorite coffee at Roasted Beans while reading the morning newspaper. Customers can come to Roasted Beans any time of the day-not just mornings- and just plain relax.

Tap Sports Bar

You can drop in with your friends, have food and drinks, and play your favorite games. What’s more, Tap Sports Bar has more than 90 television sets so that you can watch live action unfold in NBA, NFL and other top-dog tournaments.


At Wahlburgers, you can down your food with the vest adult frappe and other drinks while waiting for betting results. A truly exciting place, Wahlburgers remains on the top of gamblers’ itineraries while they are visiting MGM Springfield. 


Eat your favorite Italian pizza, risotto and other delicacies at Grandma’s Kitchen located at Costa. What’s more, you never miss out on what’s happening at the gambling tables outside. 

Plainbridge Park Casino

For those of you who want a quick weekend of gambling, Plainbridge Park is the right destination. This brick-and-mortar gambling parlor is just an hour’s drive from the Logan Airport in Boston. 

Note that Plainbridge doesn’t have table games in the physical sense. You can only play slots in this parlor. In fact, the law defines Plainbridge as a slots-only parlor. However, you can still play blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other table games in this casino. Ask us how!

Since these games are in electronic format, Plainbridge doesn’t violate any state laws. 

Plainbridge pays decently well to its winners; the average Return to Player percentage is just a bit over 92%. This means you recover nearly 92% of your investment at Plainbridge over a period. However, this figure depends on several factors like your choice of games, House Edge, etc.

Plainridge Park Casino cooperates with Barstool Sportsbook Massachusetts and offers its sports betting app.

The Encore Boston Harbor

This casino has done a lot to earn the reputation of Boston’s premier gambling destination. At The Encore Boston Harbor, you’ll find 5-star accommodation, fine dining, shopping plus tons of entertainment opportunities. Of course, the chief attraction of this gambling destination is its hundred-plus table games tables and more than one thousand slot machines. In fact, The Encore Boston has something for every rookie or pro. 

This Boston-based casino differs from its competitors in its low entry fees. While many casinos charge $100 for their blackjack tables, at The Encore, the entry fee is just $25, which attracts budget-conscious gamblers. 

However, Budget-friendliness isn’t the key feature of The Encore. You can reserve private gambling rooms for yourself and your companions by speaking to the booking staff. Receive world-class customer service by gambling on your favorite game in these exclusive rooms.

Retail gambling basics

Wagering can be fun, provided you know and stick to the basics. So before you wager your first hard-earned dollar on any of the games above, spend a minute to understand them. 


You should have a budget in place before placing your first bet. Basically, this means setting up an amount that you are comfortable gambling. It could be as low as $10 or up to $1000 per session. 

When you have this budget, it instils some form of discipline in your gambling. 

Know when to stop

If you aren’t careful, you might lose all your money in the fond hope of recovering your losses. This isn’t to say recovering your losses is a bad idea, but you should know when to stop your game. 

Similarly, you should know when to leave your game even when on a winning streak. In short, don’t be greedy. 

House edge

Every game has a house edge, meaning the mathematical advantage that the casino enjoys on that particular game. Some games have a high house edge, such as slots, while roulette, blackjack and baccarat are more favorable to players. You can get your game’s house edge by doing some elementary research. 


This term applies particularly to slot games. Some games can be highly volatile, meaning they can pay big rewards quickly. But, conversely, you might lose big amounts of money on these games quickly. 

On the other hand, low-variance games pay small amounts of money over a long period. 

Summing up, Massachusetts has quite a few exciting gambling locations. First, however, you must learn the basics of gambling before making the first move.